A Confession

Thoughts on delivery-envy from Misha Herwin

Misha Herwin

Loo Rolls

Walking round the Oval on my way to post a letter, and do my daily exercise, I came across a delivery van. Back door wide open, the driver was unloading a neighbour’s on-line order. Seeing him carry the bags across the road, I was struck by a sudden burst of envy.

Why, I wanted to know, and indeed how, did they manage to get a delivery from a supermarket when, in spite of everything I’ve tried, I can’t get another slot. Not even for the end of the month, or beyond.

Not only that but in among their order was a huge, a humungous family sized pack of toilet paper!

And this is where sanity clicked in. We don’t need toilet paper. We have plenty. We even have a delivery booked for next week and we have a freezer full of food.

So why this completely irrational response?

It’s the…

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