Courtyard Garden : sowing #courtyardgarden #gardening #plants

A BBC article highlights the notion that the current lockdown has awoken more people to the fact that they can grow at least some of their own foodstuffs.

As a child growing up in the depths of the Sussex countryside having a veg and fruit plot was taken for granted. I doubt there was a single cottage in the village that didn’t grow some edibles among the flora.  Indeed the cottage garden was all about that very thing. Lettuces and tomatoes growing side by side with the delphiniums and aquilegias.

My am currently without ‘greenhouse’ which means that my teeny tiny conservatory is rapidly filling up with seed trays! And some newspaper post for the sweetcorn.

Lobelias, petunias, dahlias, cosmos daisies, tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, summer and winter squashes and sweetcorn currently on the go with more tomatoes, runner beans, french beans still to sow, not to mention the peas, potatoes, carrots, beets, parsnips and onions that will be planted straight into the allotment beds.

Its that time of year so dig up half of that arid lawn and get planting folks!


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