Courtyard Garden : Grass Dilemma #courtyardgarden #lawngrass #wildlifefriendly @mishaherwin @KTScribbles

Our front garden is still a work in progress.

Having removed masses of ivy and replaced the fences and rebuilt brick stanchions that it had destroyed, had the cherry plum tree brought to manageable size and got rid of a large holly and two very ugly (and badly damaged) Leylandii cypresses trees (left), which were replaced with a white magnolia and a medlar tree and several smaller shrubs (below right), attention has now been turned to the pitiful lawn.

Our lawns, as  in many suburban front gardens, are very small. I know many people have gone the ‘plastic grass’route – but I have a real objection to artificial grass. Given my way I would have it banned as an environmental hazard. Artificial grass sheds microplastics into our waterways, kills worms and other beneficial creatures that make the soil healthy, and prevent birds from feeding. Grrrrrr lecture over.

Now given that the front lawn was so tiny it took longer to get the gear out and put it away than it does to cut it I can understand why people feel it is a good option – but there are other ways!

Gravel may have been an option but does not benefit birds and insects as bark paths can and so we have opted for the bark path that will allow access between two sections of  what is essentially a shrubbery/herbaceous border. Bark has the advantage of allowing drainage, but also providing extra forage areas for blackbirds that gravel do not. As this path is also where we have the bird feeders it will allow a space for ground feeding birds without having the wheat and other seeds in the feed  from growing in the borders. For show we have added a small stone circle to show of the huge cordyline that a neighbour bequeathed us when they moved out in December. The remaining grass will be extended as a border to grow more flowers – thus feeding bees and other insects.  Work in progress.

The tiny piece of grass on the other side of the path (left) will be made up in similar fashion.  Extended border, bark path and potted shrub (I have another (smaller) potted cordyline in the rear courtyard to make an echo effect.


Update – side one complete (right), other than a few more plants required!

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