Miss Dilly & Co : old crocks #missdillyandco #cats #missdilly

Following yesterday’s post on Oberon and the Day Lilies (which sounds like some weird psychedelic band)  a bulletin on Miss Dilly.

All of my clowder are getting on in years. Miss Dilly and Betty Poop are approx 14 years old and Oberon around a year younger. I say approx because they are all Cat Protection League rescue cats and their exact ages are unknown.

Especially the girls who were rescued as almost full grown  cats. We think they were drop-outs from a breeder of British Blues. Betty Poop gained her name because of her unfortunate habits when first in our care. The fact that they were only half house trained despite their age rather points toward being raised in a cattery rather than indoors.  Betty also has an undershot jaw which made her unsuitable for sale by a breeder.

As for Miss Dilly? Well she is less than half the size she should be.  The runt of the litter, even now weighing in at around 1.5 kg against Betty P’s 6kg. We were told by a vet some years ago that Miss Dilly might not have a long life due to her poor start  but here she is at almost 14 years old and if not fighting fit then at least pottering along nicely.

Her one problem is that her joints are failing. She has teeny-tiny bones  as fragile as a bird’s, with the delicate joints to match. For some time she has had short periods of lameness when she has jumped up (or more often down) from a relatively small height and jarred that fragile frame.

As this stiffness usually goes within a day or so we don’t rush to the vet every time she limps or we would be bankrupt! Last week she was not putting weight on one leg – and I was a little concerned. She seemed not to have ‘broken’ anything as she was able to use the leg, move it in the usual fashion, and not seem in pain if you touched her. But still, she was reluctant to put weight in it.

We considered a trip to the vet – but as she seemed better on my final run to Pet World before we are locked down  by viruses I asked what might be given to her to help recovery. The assistant was really helpful and suggested a supplement containing glucosamine.

Now the tablets are quite large – the size of a large paracetamol tab -and though the dose is half a tab per day administering it will be a problem. Giving Miss D any kind of medication has always been a battle. Eel wrestling by comparison would be a walk in the park! and given how frail she now is I did not fancy doing battle every day. It runs the very real risk of causing greater harm.

My only real solution is Tuna. I. E. crush up her dose and sprinkle it in a spoonful of Tuna fish.

It may not work of course.

Miss Dilly being Miss Dilly there is every possibility that she will just take one sniff – glare at me disdainfully – and walk away. But we can but try.

Meanwhile – (in case you were wondering) this morning she has not been limping AT ALL…


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