Laugh Over Spilled Beverages : or how to achieve maximum Schadenfreude #laugh #coffeebreak

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We don’t often go out for breakfast but today we made an exception.

We decided on The Capello Lounge in Newcastle Under Lyme  because they do a good line in both wheat and dairy free menus. (Also some vegan now)

Having ordered,  the tea arrived first, and I, being a clumsy item, knocked over the small jug of oat milk provided with my tea.

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This is normal for me with my neuro problems (I dropped a dozen eggs in tesco only last week) so I trotted across to the counter and asked for a cloth. The extremely obliging  waitress grabbed a large paper roll and came to clear up and all was well, other than the fact that I had soaked the Writing magazine that I was reading.

Peter laughed and made jokes of my clumsiness – I break plates and cups with tiresome regularity and ‘what shall I break next’ is a running joke with us. Such is the way with us oldies that have been in  each other’s company for a while. Sympathy can be bitter sweet.

Table cleaned up we set about eating our Full-English breakfasts.

Having eaten that Peter decided he wanted a coffee and so I went and ordered 1 latte and 1 dairy free hot choc (with marshmallows – if I can’t have the cream I can at least have those!)

Image result for spilled coffeeWaitress brought the drinks a few mins later and had barely got back to the counter before BAM, my darling hubby had sent his latte flying:

  • all over him
  • all over the table
  • all over the floor
  • all over the next table..


How I laughed… and laughed… and laughed… (I guess you had to be there) Sadly I wasn’t quick enough off the mark to take pics!

(yes, we left a good tip – we are not heartless 🙂  )

Our sweet waitress appeared with the paper roll long before we asked. Can’t praise the staff there highly enough!

The ‘dropsy’ vibe must have been catching because she was clearing the next table a few mins later and spilled the half-drunk remains of a mug of coffee. c’est le vie.



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