Belvedere Crescent by Misha M. Herwin #bookreview #mishaherwin #fiction #newbooks

Belvedere Crescent

Author: Misha M. Herwin.
Publisher: Penkhull Press
Paperback : ISBN: 978-1916437340 price £10.99
Kindle : ASIN: B084T5QW4T price £1.99   (Also available from most other ePub sources)


Abandoned as babies, twins Sadie and Thea have been brought up by Great-Aunt Jane. When Jane dies the twins inherit the house in Belvedere Crescent. The only home they have ever known, it is a place where time slips and slides, and what once might have seemed safe is revealed to be full of dark secrets and hidden dangers.


Belvedere Crescent is first and foremost a supernatural tale with all of the chilling atmosphere that a haunted house story ever needs, plus an added twist of time slippage pulling Thea between the now and the past.

Exciting stuff, but Belvedere Crescent has layers. Throughout the story we are asked to examine the complex bonds that often exist between twins in the emotions and thoughts shared at such a profound level that it can seem both impenetrable and daunting to the outsider. It is this closeness between Thea and Sadie, coupled with the fraught relationship Thea has with the men in her life, that has you fearing for her life, her sanity and even her very existence.

Belvedere Crescent takes you on an emotional rollercoaster ride that will have you turning pages into the wee small hours.  Highly recommended.

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