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Today I spent the best part of three hours getting my Newsletter (with an ironic cap N)  knocked into shape. I am not a technophobe (as such) but nor am I an expert by any stretch of the imagination. Yet every time I gird loins and dive into that pit of despair the air in the study invariably turns a delicate shade of navy as I wrestle with the intricacies of Mailchimp.

I suspect the fact that I forget how it works between missives is a mixed blessing for the people on my contact list. On the down side they don’t get to hear all of my publication news (unless they happen to be following my Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Wordpress pages) but, as a plus, the very fact that the intervals between sending them out means that I do forget is an indication will be comforting indication  of how few of them I do send out into the ether!

There are special offers that are reserved for Newsletter recipients.

Currently the offer is a free short story about DCI William Wright titled ‘Down to the Sea’.

That will only be available via the newsletter when the Listed Dead: Bunch Courtney Investigation #3 is released in July 2020, so if want to read that you will need to sign up by end of June!

In the event that the WordPress platform being kaput (Mailchimp and WordPress seldom play well together) you can either use my contact form or PM me here or go to  Jan Edwards Books



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