Misha is Looking Back at 2019

Misha’s 2019 recap

Misha Herwin

It’s that time of year for making resolutions and looking back at achievements and in general  I’m not in favour of doing either. Resolutions are all too easily broken, mostly because the ones you chose are too ambitious and unachievable, as for looking back, perhaps this is one of my greatest weaknesses because once I’ve done something I tend to forget about it and get on with the next project.

While laudable this means that on those dark dismal days when I slip into the despond of wondering whether anyone ever reads my books, or despair about the lack of reviews, or my own inability to manipulate social media successfully, I have nothing tangible to tell me that actually things are not as bad as they seem.

So: a look back at 2019.

This was a year that began with flu and ended with a horrible hacking cough, which cut…

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