Bartomley and Me

Misha Herwin

Bartomely and me

On Saturday Bartomley, the bear, and I went to Hanley Library to pick up our certificate for being Highly Commended in the Potteries Prize Flash Fiction completion.

I took Bartomley because without him there would have been no story. Somehow, however, he managed to make it clear that the world needed a different take on bears. We already had Paddington, with his duffle coat and wellington boots and his love of marmalade sandwiches. Paddington is a very kind and gentle bear, who thinks the best of everyone, but not all bears are like that.

Bartomley has quite a different disposition. He is retiring, a little grumpy and tends to be rather isolationist. He’s not keen on people in general and children in particular. Nor does he have any relations in Peru.

He is, in fact, a totally British Bear who comes from Bromley.

And how did this bear come into…

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