Miss Dilly & Co : Winter Warming #cats #missdillyandco

Yesterday was cold and damp and made more so by a  strong northerly wind. So I didn’t expect Miss Dilly to leave the house.  By lunch time we realised that she was missing, or at least we were unable to find her anywhere.

Given that she is a very small, elderly, feline I was quite worried when it was getting dusk and we had seen no sign of her since breakfast. You call until you are hoarse, tap food bowls, rattle biscuit tins, waft cheese boxes. But nary a sign of her.

Now its not unusual for Miss Dilly to find odd places to sleep, and she tends now to sleep a great deal of the time, so when she settles for the  day she settles and nothing will move her. Nor is it unusual for her to be hiding an arms length from you when you call and call – and have her ignore you completely.

But we had searched high and low and not found her.

Then, when tea time came around – BING!!!

She came strolling into the kitchen as large as life.

It was only when I went to bed that I discovered her hiding place. I flipped back the duvet to find a dent in the sheet and a scattering of cat hair and grit.

It would seem that, having gone outside after breakfast for her morning constitutional she decided it was far too cold for her liking, and, as the heating had gone off for the  day, sought the warmest spot available.

Under the duvet!

It took a minute or two to clean away the detritus before I could get into bed. (Today is now clean sheets day)

And the spookiest part of this was that we had only mentioned the day previously how our old cat, Crunchie – also a teeny-weeny kitty – had been a duvet sneak and that none of the current clowder seemed to have tried it!

Lucky for her nobody came and sat on the bed!

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