GF Mince Pie Taste Test #glutenfree #mincepies #tesco #co-op

Two packs of Gluten Free mince pies. One from Co-op (left) and one from Tesco (right).






The Co-op pie was well baked, and the pastry has flavour but was a little dry. It could also have used a little more filling. Scores 7/10

The Tesco pie shattered when cut! The pastry  was both hard and floury at the same time (quite a feat!) and stuck to the teeth and gums in a rather unpleasant fashion. The filling was sparce and left a bitter after-taste.  Score 2/10

The Co-op pie was edible, if a little dry. but the Tesco variant was not at all palatable imho.

Perhaps heating them and adding cream might improve the experience, but considering the price paid I did feel I was being short changed here. GF variants don’t even get the luxury’ pie fillings available with wheat-pastry choices. I have yet to try the Sainsbury version.

We all know that GF pastry can be a tough thing to crack  but I think after that taste test I shall be sticking with home made.




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