pARTyLines #room204 @BhamLitFest @writingwestmids

The pARTyLines event last night was brilliant!  Reading to a packed house.

Performers in order of appearance:

Jane Campion Hoye , Jan Edwards, Louise Stokes, Nina Lewis, Justina Hart, Roz Goddard, Liz Kershaw, Barry Tench, Naneh Hovhannisyan, Ros Woolner, Naomi Paul  and Maria Whatton.

The range of performances was tremendous and depth from performance poetry to prose and songs.   Huge thanks to all from the Writing West Midlands Room 204 team who arranged it.

You will notice I am not in the photo…

Those who know me will recall that when  called upon for curtain calls the cry of ‘she’s in the bar’ has become something of a habit! I had one drink – and as luck would have it I think I may have been buying it right at that moment 🙂

But hey – no big deal – I was there and had a wonderful time.


Driving home was a nightmare – with m6 toll and M42 closures – but that is another story…

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