In the Courtyard Garden’s Conservatory: Ficus Ginseng

I was pottering around B&Ms looking for the cat food, as you do, (the large boxes of Felix is usually cheaper in there) when I saw a stand full of house plants. Most looked a little sad – probably because nobody had thought to water them for a week or so, but one caught my eye. It was the only one of its kind and almost seemed to wave at me!

This is not a very good picture and doesn’t quite show every detail, but am I wrong? Or does this look like a small headless earth goddess holding her arms in the air? I had to buy it. No question.

The plant is a Ficus Ginseng. A huge tree in its native Malaysia but often grown in Bonsai form. It has already, in the week I have had it, put on a few tiny new leaves as a reward for being watered. I shall re-pot it at some point. Probably not in a bonsai pot (though I think there is one in the shed somewhere).

Meanwhile, as the Autumn Equinox approaches, I shall view it as my conservatory dryad come to grace my conservatory with her presence.

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