Dirty Laundry: #SecondHandSeptember

Misha and Secondhand September

Misha Herwin

#SecondHandSeptember9.JPG Top and jumper both preloved. Skirt, tights and jewellery bought new

Coming in to my second week of #SecondHandSeptember, Oxfam’s initiative to stop us buying so many clothes and so ruining our planet, I’m looking back at my progress so far.

To start with, as pledged, I’ve bought no new clothes this past week. Not that I’m likely to as my chests of drawers and wardrobes are still bulging with clothes. This in spite of a yearlong purge. Secondly I’ve worn at least one item of preloved clothing every day since and including 1st September.

Also, I’ve worn some things twice, which has both saved thinking about what to put on today, but also has saved water, power and not polluted the environment with particles from manmade fibres. All in all another result.

Too much washing is something that we have to address if we’re serious about environmental issues…

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