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For those who have not seen British playwright Moira Buffini’s  Handbagged it currently revived at the New Vic in Newcastle under Lyme, and if you have not seen this play already you really should.

Handbagged is an insightful satire on the relationship between Queen Elizabeth and Margaret Thatcher between 1979 to 1990. A relationship which has always been reputed to be difficult at times, especially after  the  1986 Sunday Times front page listing the Queen’s despair at her current ‘uncaring government’.

The fabulous cast are: Older Queen Elizabeth aka ‘Q,’ (Louise Bangay); Younger ‘Liz’  (Melissa Collier); Older Mrs Thacher ‘T’ (Jan Goodman); Younger ‘Mags’ (Zoë Aldrich). Two male actors, (Ashley Gurlach and Paul Mundell) between them play 17 other roles, which range from Kenneth Kaunda to Rupert Murdoch  via Neil Kinnock and Nancy Reagan!

Handbagged is funny, exquisitely performed, and thought provoking in the way that it  echoes the current political situation in an often eerily prescient fashion.  The play ends as one would expect with Mrs T’s resignation and last night at least left the audience with a profound sense of déjà vu given the current political chaos.

Theatre was the last thing on my mind, trundling back from the allotment with some runner beans  for dinner.  But Misha had called whilst I was out to say she had a free ticket begging for the current run of Handbagged at the New Vic in Newcastle under Lyme. Just two hours to shower, eat and get to the theatre.

Thank you Misha!) It was an evening thoroughly well spent. If you have not seen Handbagged as yet it runs at the New Vic, Newcastle-under-Lyme until 28th September.

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