Naming Game – Bunch Courtney Investigation number 3 #bunchcourtney #amwriting #crimefiction

Yet again I have been mired in the tricky subject of fictional names. On this occasion it’s the title of the work in progress that has had me in a tizz.

For many months the working title for the third Bunch Courtney Investigation has been ‘All The Things You Were’ – word play on a song title of the era. But crunch time came when the subject of a cover arose and the argument against long book titles became abundantly clear.

There was no way that five word title – plus the Bunch Courtney Investigation #3 sub title – was ever going to fit!

A quick brain storming session with fellow writer Misha Herwin came up with ‘Listed Dead’. This because the main thread revolves around a list of names found on the murdered Wren, Penny James.

So there you have it. Hot of the press. The title of the next Bunch Courtney Investigation is:

Listed Dead’

Cover reveal in due course 🙂

This is not it – but its fun 🙂

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