Miss Dilly & Co. : Boxing Clever #catsinboxes #cats #Missdillyandco

Image result for cats in boxesThere is a myth abounding that all cats like boxes – the interwbz is full of memes and video telling us this. Felines we are assured cannot resist jumping into them if such are left unattended.

Not so – or at least not in this house.

It is true that Miss Dilly has occasional bouts of sleeping in the wicker basket under the cat gym, something she has done in recent nights, but only, I strongly suspect’ because Pumpkin from two doors down has sneaked in there once or twice in the past month and she is merely reclaiming territory.

By and large, though, our three terrors ignore boxes.

Oberon the unbrave is of the opinion that all boxes, whatever the size, must contain a  monster, and thus are to be avoided.

Betty will chew the corners of large cardboard boxes, and on the odd occasion pee in them. (Which, in a house where it is not uncommon to have opened boxes half full of books, is a constant worry.)

Miss Dilly is supremely indifferent to them – except and unless a usurper has attempted to claim a container of any description in her territory, in which case possession is not merely nine tenths of the law. It IS the law.


It occurs to me in writing this that there are no cats in the Bunch Courtney Investigations. Dogs, yes, and horses. But no cats. This needs to be amended 🙂

In Her Defence


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