The Thin Waking Line #dreams #nightmares #writing

I was asked very recently if I dreamed, and I said that I probably did but seldom recalled them.  Right now,  at one a.m. , I can answer that question – yes I do dream – but apparently without sound.

It was also one of those dreams that posed a question about how can you tell when you’ve crossed between sleeping and waking.

Here is the scene:

There is someone in the house. I know because I can hear the floorboards creak. And then somebody sits on the bed. I can see their outline in the dark. Somebody bulky, with a high-domed bald head.

I  try to yell – and nothing comes out. I try again – nothing.

But – I tell myself – this is because you’re asleep. If you just wake up it will be fine.

I wake up and just for a split second I am yelling at the top of my voice. So then I am telling myself that as I’m awake now I should shut the f*ck up before I wake the whole street.

And then I actually wake up.

The only sound is Peter snoring – seemingly I had not made any sound that would wake him. Oberon (cat) is sprawled across the bed where this dream character had been and his arriving there must have been why I dreamed what I did. Had I yelled – even for a moment – he would have legged it, because he is a devout coward.

So did I yell at all? And at which point did I move from sleep to waking?

Cue for a story I think.

But one small point – now that I am wide awake how in hell am I going to get back to sleep?

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