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I have been conscious of spending far too much time at the computer of late – and I hate gyms – so I dug out the Wii Fit this morning. Yes, I know, it is soooooooo old fashioned, but then I am an old fashioned girl.

Ten minutes yoga and twenty minutes step and I am knackered, and my knees hurt! It tells me that I really am not fit – though as I have ME and Fibromyalgia I really so know that already!

My problem is that I am a competitive person – even against myself.  I gave up swimming because I could not prevent myself from trying to do a few more lengths every time I went and ground my limited energies to a standstill. Peter berates me when I got to the allotment and do too much, but I only have two settings – Full On and Stop. This is something many ME/Fibro people have in common, and a source of huge frustration when we crash and burn after such a short span.

To competitive souls those scores really matter. Only 97 for Warrior Pose? Not enough! I’ve had more before now. Okay my Tree pose still wobbles around the 70 mark – those dodgy knees let me down there – but still its a score that is there for me to better. But its how I spur myself into doing any exercise at all. Walking round the block gets really tedious after the fifth day in a row – even if you do change direction.

As a plus the computer time is finally getting some words down – after a bit of a literary dry spell I have begun to raise the word count on Bunch Courtney Investigation #3!


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