Hungry Writer makes Beetroot Soup, or how Tolstoy pipped me to the post #historicalfiction #cooking #writing

Misha Herwin on Tolstoy and Borscht #historicalfiction #cooking #writing

Misha Herwin

War and Peace

There are some projects that like a seedling battered by the rain will never grow and flourish. They might start strongly but then life happens, circumstances intervene and what seemed a good idea at the time frizzles away into a “might have been.”

My historical novel “Daughters of the Eagle” was one of those. Set in Poland in 1863, it told the story of the Stefanowski family, concentrating on the women and how the lives of the mothers affected those of their daughters. Maria, became a terrorist, smuggling sticks of dynamite under her petticoats; in contrast her daughter Mimi, dreamed of marrying a Russian Prince and being presented at Court, to be accepted by the very people her mother was working to destroy. Mimi’s own daughter, Hannah, and her family were caught up in the Second World War and its aftermath, when Poland once again lost its independence to Russia.

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