Courtyard Garden : Triffids! #courtyardgarden #gardening #flowers #foxgloves

Its that time of year when gardening in a flower sense mostly consists of weeding and deadheading and doing a morning round to see what treasure has come into flower since you last looked.  I have a rather splendid visitor to the garden – a self-seeded foxglove – though its more than passing triffid-like appearance might be a little troubling…

(the empty space to the right of it has been ear marked for a bay tree)




Elsewhere I have the Rodgersia that was plagued by dreaded vine weevils just a few weeks ago has now recovered and blooming its heart out!



And the geraniums rescued from hanging baskets and over wintered in the shed now looking glorious!

The Fig has a crop of fruits already plumping up.


And the petunia bowls, full of those gorgeous summer beddings plants that delight the eye, are just coming into bloom! And now that it has stopped raining for a bit we can sit back and enjoy them!

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