Miss Dilly & Co: Invasion of the Pumpkins! #cats #missdillyandco

Ever since we moved here some 18  months ago  Pumpkin the ginger cat has been attempting to take up residence with us.

The evening before last I posted him out of the cat flap 3 times in half an hour – only for him  to return.  On the third eviction he just sat by the back door waiting for the coast to clear.

He has frequently been chased out of the conservatory – which he plainly sees as his own.

Last night, just as we were about to go out this was the scene in our dining room (left). As we drove away I noted that his owners cars were both parked in their driveway…

He was put outside before we left but was back by the time we returned – and duly evicted once more.

This morning at breakfast time all three resident cats lurked by the dining room doorway until finally Oberon started to mutter under his breath. And who was sitting beneath the table? You’ve got it – Mr Pumpkin!  We let him out of the conservatory door so that he did not have to run the gauntlet.

I am willing to bet he will be back later today!

He really is determined to move in – and he is a sweet boy – but poor Miss Dilly is increasingly frail and upset by his presence so I am reluctant to make him welcome – nor do I want to lock the cat flap and restrict our three from free movement.

I notice he has acquired a name tag this week – so his owners are plainly aware that he is spending a lot of time away from home and getting fatter from his multiple dinners! I imagine they are sending a message to say he is not homeless. This I know!

It is a conundrum!  A cat flap operating on magnetic cat tags may be the answer I suppose. More expense.


Incomers and their effect on local communities is a theme of In Her Defence 🙂 (no cats but lots of horses).



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