Courtyard Garden(er’s) Allotment #courtyardgarden #allotment #gardening

I have not said a great deal about the allotment I acquired until now, mainly because there was not a lot to say. It is not a large plot, and at least half is taken up with a wildlife garden and small pond, two espalier fruit trees (Apples?( *(These 3 photos from last month) and a various soft fruits.







Peter has been working hard assembling raised beds for me (above) so that my aching limbs don’t have to toil over much. He has been filling them with soil and compost and today I planted out a variety of veg as I didn’t want to leave things I have grown from seed here at home to stay in small pots and trays if it gets very hot as promised at the weekend.

Peter has already planted up one raised bed with onions  (right) and another with parsnips, carrots and radishes (left).



20190524_152034 (1)He also dug the bean trench for my runners and French beans (trench has a metal frame already in place to hang with netting for them to climb.

We cleared the planting trenches in the greenhouse foundation  (the greenhouse was removed as it had partially fallen down in the winter). I then cut bases from 9 old plastic pots and spaced them along the rows. Stuck canes in each and made a frame so that the wind would not take them out. Filled pots with compost and planted 3xRoma, 3xGardener’s Delight and 3xsunrise tomatoes. There are now also 2 outdoor cues in a large pot (base still in) next to them.






We partially pulled back the black nylon sheeting covering the bed not used as yet, which allowed room for 2 more rows of mid season spuds – these to go with 3 rows of earlies. I cut 3 holes on remaining plastic  for  butternut squashes.






We have planted  celeriac, chard, and garlic into one raised bed  and  sweetcorn and courgettes into another.

I don’t think there is room for anything else right now. There is only 2 of us!

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