Framing Your Dragon Takes Time! #art #ceramics #dragons

Some while back (something approaching 15 years ago! ) I was given a ceramic dragon by ceramic artist and silversmith Sue Burns.  It is a lovely dragon hand carved and fired in stoneware. It has moved house with me 3 times and is still in its bubble wrap.

Why has it taken so long to get around to displaying it? Because it is fragile and I wanted to put in into a case to protect it.

I did find one frame but this was broken in our move from Birmingham to Staffs Moorlands (before I ever actually fixed the dragon into it!).  I duly wrapped the dragon away again for safe keeping until I found something suitable.

This week I found just the thing in a PDSA shop in Newcastle for the princely sum of £4.99.

The decoupage inside was… lets say not to my taste.

The decoupage cutouts were prised free of the  glue and I was left with the picture behind it.


A sheet of backing paper soon covered that and the dragon will look quite splendid – though I am tempted to paint the frame gold 🙂  Once I can lay my hands on a glue gun I will secure the dragon in place!

This may take a year or two – one can’t rush these things…



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