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Now that the launch for In Her Defence (available from all good online and high street booksellers B| ) is done I can turn my attention to Bunch Courtney Investigates bk 3 – and the realisation that I had taken another wrong turn.

In a brainstorming session with my fellow writer, Misha Herwin, it was clear that I had come to a grinding halt for two reasons. One that promoting In Her Defence was taking up all of my time, and two, that I was taking the plot up a blind alley.  So its back to the drawing(key)board and rewriting the 30k+ already written for the second time!

It seems like a lot of faffing around but as with most things this is how I write – it total chaos! I envy writers with the ability and discipline to draw up a synopsis and stick with it (barring a few minor amendments). But my mind simply isn’t wired that way. The logic circuits are completely scrambled and what comes out the other end is as much a mystery to me as it is to the reader. But people have been kind enough to say that they like what they read so maybe I should just keep on the way I am.

Getting back to The Bunch Courtney Investigations – my basic plot remains but the nuances that make up background and logic trails need some serious tweaking (for tweaking read complete rejigging).  So for those of you asking when the next of Bunch’s Investigations will be coming your way – with luck and a following wind it will be out at the end of the year!

To paraphrase the tag line for Steve Austin   “We can rewrite! We have the technology! We can make it better than it was!”


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