Hungry Writer Bakes for a Book Launch (from Misha Herwin)

Baking and books from Misha Herwin

Misha Herwin

In Her Defence

Bunch Courtney is back. “In Her Defence” is the second book in the series, following on from “Winter Downs” winner of the Arnold Bennet Prize. As a great fan of Bunch’s it’s great to be immersed once more in the world of 1940s England. In war time, the role of women is changing and Bunch can use this to her advantage when on market day in the local town she witnesses the death of a young Dutch girl. The victim has obviously been poisoned and when Cecile, an old friend of Blanche’s, reveals that her father has recently died in similar circumstance, Blanche is keen to investigate. Teaming up with Inspector Wright the pair follow a complex paths of clues leading to an expected resolution.

“In Her Defence” is a great read. The book is tightly plotted. The period details give a depth and the author is not afraid to…

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