Oasis of Calm #reiki

In the midst of my book-launch madness I was asked to give a reiki session. You might think that a touch of madness on my part but I said yes and set off this morning with my bag of goodies for a house a few streets away. Not someone I had met before but a lovely woman.

Far from being a distraction on such a busy day the process of combining meditation and energy was an oasis of calm – certainly for me as the Reiki Master and hopefully also for the client.

In my experience each Reiki Master practices in a different way and my methods lean heavily on the meditational aspects of the process. It has long been known that the workings of our minds can have a huge bearing on how we heal and the act of meditation can be of huge benefit in many circumstances; so whether you combine mediation with Reiki or not, the benefits of relaxation and contemplation will always be a good half hour spent.

So here I am, back home again, and energised both by the brisk walk to and from my appointment and by the calming and contemplative process of Reiki, and ready for whatever else the day may bring.


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