Book Lover’s Boudoir : In Her Defence by @Jancoledwards #crimefiction #book

review In Her Defence

The Book Lover's Boudoir

Bunch Courtney’s hopes
for a quiet market-day lunch with her sister are shattered when a Dutch refugee
dies a horribly painful death before their eyes. A few days later Bunch
receives a letter from her old friend Cecile saying that her father, Professor Benoir,
has been murdered in an eerily similar fashion. Two deaths by poisoning in a
single week. Co-incidence? Bunch does not believe that any more than Chief
Inspector William Wright.

Set against a backdrop of escalating war and the massed internments of 1940, the pair are drawn together in a race to prevent the murderer from striking again.


[Bunch Courtney leaned against the top rail of the stock pen, enjoying the sensation of unseasonably warm May sunshine on her back, and perused the pair of Jersey heifers she had purchased at auction]


(Penkhull Press, 4 April 2019, 282 pages, ebook, ARC via @Jancoledwards and voluntarily…

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