More Holey Than Righteous #glutenfree #cooking #food #schlar @Schar_UK ‏

One of my father’s many oft-repeated dad-jokes was, on the appearance of unwanted holes, (usually in socks, sleeve elbows or similar) that it was ‘more holey than righteous’.

When I cut into a Schar GF roll I could hear his soft, chuckle and that familiar line echoing in my ear.

I am not over fond of Schar rolls because they tend to have a gritty texture (esp on what passes for a crust), and even when heated and fresh from the oven as per instructions are really dry. (The need to ‘cook’ them is another downside if you want to prepare a snack in a hurry.) This brand is also, for some inexplicable reason, often squashed flat so that cutting them open without making holes in either top or bottom can be a tricky operation. I suspect this happens in transit but its tiresome, all the same.

They are already somewhat small rolls (9 x 6 cm approx) but when I cut into these rolls I found them both blown by yeast activity, one of them was little more than a gritty shell. Yes, this can happen when baking but its far from the first time I have had similar problems with this brand.  A disappointing ham sandwich lunch ensued.

*sigh*  I do realise that making GF bread is not easy as my own experiments thus far have not been terribly successful, but I am going to have to find a reliable recipe at some point.


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