Courtyard Garden : Blossoms and Branches #courtyardgarden #ivy #blossomtime

It is still only February but the weather is unseasonably warm. Gardening in shirt sleeves weather!

Still early to do a great deal in the courtyard garden because we all know the weather can turn on a zephyr but one glorious sight is the blossom on the as yet unidentified prunus in the front garden. Following its considerable pruning by a local tree surgeon back in the autumn it has come back in full splendour! Perhaps not all of the blossom out as yet but so lovely. Last year spring it had hardly any blossom at all.

The white blossom against a clear blue sky is glorious!

Elsewhere in the garden the ivy wars continue as we cut back the bulk of the growth before the birds began nesting. Surprisingly we only found one old nest in the dense growth. I suspect a plethora of cats has some bearing on that. Not just our own but along the street in general.

We filled 14 large garden bags with branch and leaf (two trips to the tip) and still have more to cut back, but as we strongly suspect that is is the remnants of the ivy that are holding three of the sections up that will wait until we have new fence panels ready and waiting. The base of the ivy is huge and had to be sawn through.

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