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Misha’s Flourless cake!

Misha Herwin

chocolate cake

If you asked me what sweet thing I couldn’t give up, the answer would have to be chocolate. I don’t have to have a lot of it. I couldn’t manage a whole bar, let alone a box of chocolates, but I need my daily chocolate fix. Even on our five two diet days there has to be room for a tiny sliver after supper.

No wonder then that chocolate plays a part in my stories and novels in “Picking up the Pieces” it is what the three friends Liz, Elsa and Bernie resort to when things start going badly wrong. Meeting at Liz’s …

“Elsa thrusts a bunch of slightly overblown roses into her arms and kisses her on both cheeks. Liz has only just put the flowers into water when Bernie arrives with a large Tupperware container.
“Chocolate time,” she announces, lifting the lid on a cream and chocolate…

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