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I have two varieties of  Gluten Free Tagliatelle in my cupboard. Its a staple for quick suppers when you haven’t got around to thinking of what to cook. Both packs contain 250g and are recommended on the packets  as  suitable for 2 main meal servings

Tesco Free From Tagliatelle (Ingredients – Rice Flour, White Maize Flour, Yellow Maize Flour, Emulsifier)

I have used this one for some time and it is perfectly adequate. Reasonable texture though has a tendency to boil into the water if you don’t  catch it ‘just right’. The taste is mild – that is to say it doesn’t have a lot of flavour as such but that is not a bad thing as it provides a good base for whatever you choose to cook it with – from the simplest pesto sauce (from a jar) topped with a little grated cheese, to a more substantial tomato sauce with ham or prawns. I would give this a solid 6to7/10.


Le Veneziane Tagliatelle (Ingredients – Corn (maize) Flour, Emulsifier)

This holds its integrity far more than the Tesco variety in the cooking process and has a better feel when cooking is complete. i.e. it is al dente as pasta should be. The colour on the plate is better, being more yellow and has slightly more flavour. It does need to be kept moving whilst cooking or it has a tendency to stick to the base of the pan, but overall it is a better product in my opinion. This is reflected in the price however, as it is considerably more expensive (approx twice the price per pack) than the Tesco variety.  I give this 9/10
Note – for those who have thought GF foods are lower in calories – think again. Both of these options are on a par with durum wheat pastas in that regard.
Note: These reviews are entirely my own personal opinion and should not be viewed as promotional material.

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