Courtyard Garden : Fences Mended #courtyardgarden #gardening

We finally have the pillars and fence panels repaired.

After having the ornamental plum and the holly pruned, cut back the quince and re moved the plague of  ivy the front had looked rather bare and unloved.

The ivy had pulled down two brick pillars as well as a section of wall, and destroyed the fence panels between. We also unearthed the rotting remains of what appeared to be a substantial bird table.

We have now had the pillars and wall rebuilt and new fence panels for most of the run. The  panels at the far end must wait until the spring because there is a further 3-panel spread of ivy to be  cut down and the roots dug out.

The work took longer than expected because the damp weather stopped the mortar from setting.

But eventually it was firm enough for the panels to be secured.

Before and after!

The ornamental plum still looks odd so I  am considering removing the two trunks to the right, and perhaps one of the four to the left. The ‘stick’ in the centre is a holly, which I shall be training as a pillar topiary.

As always the garden is never ‘finished’, even in one as small as this.

I have removed the white rose from the courtyard and put it in the front. It is now next  to the self-seeded buddleja, the quince and the pink rose.

It looks a little bare now, as most gardens do in mid December, but come spring things will start budding up.

There  is room for a Fatsia I think.  Evergreen and interesting with its heavily cut leaves. Buying that will wait until we have dismantled the low stone retaining wall and re-erected it in front of the ornamental plum, making a large raised bed that, because of the tree,I am planning to plant out as a woodland area with ferns and heucheras et al.


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