Stock Free Wheat Free Marks and Spencers : @marksandspencer #glutenfree #wheatfree #food

20181107_105017We went to Marks & Spencer at Woolstanton, Newcastle Under Lyme, Staffs today to get various items and whilst there decided to stop for a coffee and maybe a cake from what appeared to be a wide selection.

Peter chose a mince pie – all well and good – until I looked for a wheat free selection.

Oh dear…

My ‘choices’ were limited to
A/ some leaden scones.  By that I mean that they weighed heavily in my hand and when I gave them a prod – through the pack I hasten to add –  there was no ‘give’ in them at all.

Note to M&S chefs… there is absolutely is no call for GF scones to be so dense and heavy – I make them all the time at home!

20181107_105031B/ Chocolate Caramel Crunch (?) bars so loaded in sugar they made my teeth hurt just looking at them! (Not to mention the excess calories!)

Is it any wonder that M&S have such a reputation for being behind the times when this is all they can come up with?

The GF savoury range on offer was very equally poor – and in my book a bag of crisps so do not enhance the drinking of a mid-morning cup of coffee in any fashion.

When I asked staff about this lack of palatable Wheat Free options I was told that they were frequently asked this question but that Head Office did not have an answer.

This is supposed to be a flagship super store! Badly done Marks and Spencers. marks 0/10


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