Biscuits in Disguise #cooking #glutenfree #baking

20181031_104838Last week I bought a new (to me) GF baking book. Nosh: Gluten-free Baking by Joy May. It was published in 2015.

Lots of interesting recipes for the gluten/wheat intolerant. One of which was for Muesli Cookies (biscuits).

20181031_104759Now as I was baking these for a visit to relatives who are nut intolerant I did substitute the almonds with pumpkin seeds. I don’t bother to toast these as many people do as it can make them too hard and doesn’t (IMHO) enhance the flavour that much.  Also, because the dried apricots I had in the cupboard were the softer variety that can be too soggy I swapped them with dried mango .



The illustration in the book shows them looking like this (left).


But mine turned out like this (right). Only one on the plate because that is all that is left!

Maybe not ‘as shown’ in the book but they tasted good!





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