Into The Night Eternal has landed! #horror #books #janedwards #folkhorror

My contributor’s copy of Into The Night Eternal has just arrived!

“Inspired by a country thriving with folklore and folktales come four novellas by award-nominated and award-winning authors heralding from both sides of La Manche, Lycopolis Press presents – INTO THE NIGHT ETERNAL: TALES OF FRENCH FOLK HORROR.



“LES VACANCES” by PHIL SLOMAN. Frank and Elizabeth, change the habit of a life-time and travel to the south of France in search of a rural getaway. However, their tranquil idyll is soon shattered as folklore and family bring calamity to them.

“A SMALL THING FOR YOLANDA” by JAN EDWARDS Paris. 1937. Laetitia Toureaux’s alter ego, Yolanda, infiltrates the murky underworld of Montmartre and finds herself trapped in mortal combat against creatures far darker than the notorious La Cagoule.

“LE CHEMIN DE LA CROIX“ by DEAN M. DRINKEL As the murder spree begins ex-soldier Thomas meets younger hotel manager Jean and falls in love. Will Thomas reveal his dark past? And Jean? Well, he has secrets of his own…

“PAST BY ONE” by ROMAIN COLLIER Journalist Clément receives a letter from an old friend, inviting him to the Hotel Carolina, thirty miles outside Paris. Clément eagerly accepts as he has been promised a story which will dramatically change his life…then he meets the mysterious Candide…

Available in Paper  and Kindle versions

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