Courtyard Garden : Autumn Figs #gardening #courtyardgarden #figs #fruittrees

20181015_135702Today, once the rain had stopped, I decided that now autumn is truly here, and most of the leaves have dropped from my fig tree,  it was time to remove the unripened figs.

Despite common myth figs are surprisingly easy to grow in this country. All they need is a sheltered spot, preferably against a south facing wall of fence, and they can produce a surprisingly large crop.

This year we had something like 40 ripe figs from this one small tree. I have grown mine in a  pot as figs tend to fruit more when their roots are restricted. Feed it well come the spring and with luck we shall get another good crop next season. Books will tell you to wrap fleece around them during hard winters, but I have had this tree for 12 years, through 2 house moves in the North Midlands, and never had to do anything. Provided the tree is not in a windy spot or frost pocket they seem to be quite hardy.

20181015_135715With UK figs it is usual to have an unripened second crop at the end of the summer. It was always said that these late fruits were next year’s offerings and should be left alone but that is not true as only smallest fruitlets – pea sized and smaller – will go on to swell and ripen for the following year.

20181015_140138The larger fruits should be picked off and discarded. Wear gloves because at this stage of growth they will ooze latex (sap) that is an irritant – and also makes you hands very sticky! (The sap is really hard to wash off – I know this from experience!)

20181015_140121It always seems a shame to throw these unripe offerings away – I picked 82 of them today – but I have yet to find a viable use for them so far. Suggestions or recipes anybody?

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