BFree GF Wraps #glutenfree #food

I have tried three gluten free different wraps over the past few weeks from the BFree range and here are my personal thoughts on these products.

Firstly I would say that all three could do with being a little larger, purely in order that a hot of bulky items such as chicken or beef strips can be wrapped more successfully, but that is a small point.

wrapsThe standard BFree Wheat Free wrap: These had a tendency to crack as you roll them so that the filling leaks out all over your hands. This is a common problem with many of GF wraps on the market. The flavour was very slightly cardbourdish I will admit, but better than some other brands I have tried. They do fullfil a purpose in allowing you to wrap up meat and salad after a fashion but don’t really work as a genuine Tortilla Wrap should. I will use them again, though let’s hope BFree can do something about the cracking. 7/10

wraps quinoaThe BFree Quinoa and Chia wrap: Well… these do wrap a little more successfully than the std variety but I found the consistency not so much pliable as ‘stretchy’ and ‘chewy’ and, for me at least, had a rather unpleasant after taste.

They do the job, and are probably very healthy, but this is not one that I personally would buy again. 4/10

swep pot wrapsThe BFree Sweet Potato wrap: The orange colour is interesting and I was dubious at first. But they score well on pliability. They fold well and did not crack, used hot or cold. The flavour is, as you might expect, quite sweet, and a little stronger than the average tortilla wrap. But that is not a problem for me. If the filling is sufficiently spicy it is not something you would not even notice. Overall it is the most successful of the the three. 9/10.

All reviews are personal opinion. Other opinions may differ.

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