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Some days you have too many things to do.  Yesterday for instance I could have gone to so many events, but settled for two.

The first was a Bloggers and Writers meet-up at the the North Staffs Hotel in Stoke on Trent – organised by the lovely Kerry Parsons and Steph Lawrence.

Jan 29-09-18A host of book bloggers and writers from as far afield as London and Liverpool meeting up for a drink and a chat about the titles being written and reviewed. The attendees are too numerous to list but included Mel Sheratt, Jo Furniss, Lizzy lamb, Noreen Wainright,  Mick Williams, John Pye, Sharon Grigg, Tamya Bullock, Nic Hale, Misha Herwin, Kim Nash, Alison Lingwood, Heide Goody, Stacey Garrity, Jill  Doyle, Rachel Gilbey, Kiltie Jackson, Molly Blake… I know there were others but didn’t get around to chatting with everyone!

I like this event giving writers and bloggers the opportunity to connect, face to face and do what most of us to best – chat! This was the second of these quarterly meets and Kerry assures us that number three is already on the cards.

Sadly I couldn’t stay long. And why? because I had to move on to another event in the city to Live Age 2018 – the fifth annual festival celebrating Ages and Stages – a collaboration between Keele University and the New Vic Theatre  that celebrated creativity in later life and showcased the work and talents of local older people, arts organisations and practitioners across Stoke-on-Trent and North Staffordshire.

Misha Herwin was one of those performing with the A&S theatre group based at the New Vic. A piece performed in the round that highlighted and celebrated Memory.

Stoke on Trent has a vibrant cultural pulse if you know where to find it.

One of the events I missed was the Writer’s Fair in Nantwich. Books being sold and readings being read – what is not to like? Sadly there are only so many things you can do in one day!


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