Leinster Gardens & Other Subtleties #kindle #reducedprice #supernaturalfiction #horror #shortfiction

My supernatural short fiction collection Leinster Gardens & Other Subtleties in Kindle format is now just £1.99! CLICK




Forward: An Insinuation of Shades by David A Sutton
‘Concerning the Events in Leinster Gardens’  (first published – 13 Ghosts of Christmas)
‘The Waiting’ (fp – Write On)
‘Nanna Barrows’ (fp -Dark Horizons #54)
‘April Love’  (fp – Dark Valentine ezine)
‘The Ballad of Lucy Lightfoot’ (fb – Full Fathom Forty)
‘Orbyting’ (fp – Hammer Out Book of Ghosts)
‘R for Roberta’ (fp – Ethereal Tales #12)
‘Redhill Residential’ (fp  – Ghostly Reflections)
‘The Clinic’  (fp – Alt-Dead)
‘Valkenswaard’  (fp – Unspoken Water #2)
‘Wade’s Run’- (fp -Ghostly Refelections)
‘The Eve Watch’ (original)
‘Otterburn’  (short listed for BFA short story) (fp – Estronimicon Magazine)
‘The Black Hound of Newgate’ (fp – The Bestiarum Vocabulum: 2)

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