Black cats #cats #superstitions

catWalking to the allotment today I was greeted by a small black cat. It ran down a driveway and jumped up on the wall to chirp at me as I passed – so naturally I stopped to say hello.

In the next street a different black cat called to me from a doorstep and came trotting down the pathway to see me – again I said hello and walked on

Two black cats in as many  minutes – neither of them known to me. Odd. But I put it down to cats of all kinds simply knowing by some devious means exactly who will want to greet them.

I know there are various views on black cats being either bad luck or good luck.

Many cat charities claim black cats are difficult to rehome but I have had several over the years and all have been a delight.

bastIn ancient Eqypt  the Goddess Bastet was treated with great reverence.

Yet in most of wicked-witch-and-catEurope cats have a far less prestigious rep. Because of their nocturnal habits and associations with witches black cats in particular seem to have a hard time.

As I follow the Path I hardly think that applies to me 🙂  So in my book two black cats in a morning can only be good!

And not all of the gossip on our feline pals across these lands is bad.

  • In Scotland; a black cat on your doorstep is a sign of wealth to come.
  • In the Midlands, a black cat was given as a wedding present to bring the bride good luck.
  • The French call black cats ‘matagots’ or ‘magician cats’ and that feeding and treating them well brings good luck.
  • Across northern Europe mariners have long believed that taking a black cat aboard ship ensures fair weather and safe passage.
  • Italians believe that hearing a black cat sneeze preceded a run  of good fortune.
  • And the Japanese say ‘Konichiwa’ when a black cat crossing their path and see it as a signal that it is time to take control of their own fortunes.


So – today is a two black cat day and all is well!

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