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Black cats #cats #superstitions

catWalking to the allotment today I was greeted by a small black cat. It ran down a driveway and jumped up on the wall to chirp at me as I passed – so naturally I stopped to say hello.

In the next street a different black cat called to me from a doorstep and came trotting down the pathway to see me – again I said hello and walked on Continue reading


Authors Electric post – What Now? #authorselectric #blog #fiction

My July post for Authors Electric is up. 

Dilly & Co : Back to School

20180717_174907Several weeks ago we bought a cat flap, which Peter fitted to the back door with remarkable ease.

To get our tribe used to said flap we propped it open during the day and they have got quite used to popping in and out.

I have been posting all of them in and out through the flap when closed and on each occasion they stare about them on the other side of the door – totally discombobulated.  Narnia, they say, is not like this!

I have tried coaxing them with Dreamies (the ads lie – cats will not do anything for those treats!).  I have tried all manner of tricks but still they can’t seem to realise that the flap is not some impenetrable barrier.

They sit outside and cry until let in – or else stand in the kitchen ‘beside’ the flap and wail to go out – but none of them have yet managed to get the hang of it…pumpkin

Of course Pumpkin (from 2 doors down) has had no problems and pops in often for a snack…


We have, without doubt, the three stupidest cats in Britain.



The Alchemy Press Book of Horrors

via The Alchemy Press Book of Horrors

#Friday favourites: Anne of Green Gables

Books on Friday from Misha

Misha Herwin

Anne of Green Gables

Getting ready to go Malta, I downloaded half a dozen books onto my Kindle, because running out of things to read would have completely ruined my holiday. Among my selection was a thriller, a fantasy, a real life account from a locum doctor working in London, a literary novel and “Anne of Green Gables”.

The last time I’d read the Anne books was when I was in my early teens. I’d loved them then and Anne Shirley and Avonlea had stayed in my imagination ever since. The image of the orphan girl waiting at the station to be picked up by Matthew Cuthbert, only to be told that they had requested a boy and she was to be sent to back to the orphanage was haunting, as was the night and day she had to wait before Marilla and Matthew changed their minds and let her stay at Green Gables…

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Interview for Indie Crime Scene #crime #winterdowns

I have an interview for Indie  Crime Scene

The Indie Crime Scene is pleased to interview Jan Edwards, author of Winter Downs and the upcoming In Her Defence in the Bunch Courtney Investigates series of historical mysteries. This interview was conducted by Dennis Chekalov.  Read here