Courtyard Garden – bits and bobs

conservatory side dillyMore work in the garden, starting with a tidy up at the side of the conservatory by way of a gravel path. We discovered why plants were not growing well there – a simple matter of an 18inch wide concrete shelf to the front and side!  The new path has duly passed inspection by our resident Forecat, Miss Dilly. Plants also adjusted to allow for the additional path.

side 1

We n20180423_133012ow have a small trellis to hide some of the pots etc. Large pot each side as there is always a stiff breeze down that side.  Jasmine in one pot and Hypericum in the further side.





figsIn other news – the fig has recovered from the move and is forming fruits. And the Apricot – despite the severe haircut (back to the trunk) and twice being repotted, has begun to show signs of new shoots. apricot buds_edited-1



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