Courtyard Garden – add a table #garden #courtyardgarden

20180418_135759More gardening today – and I think I now have most of the plants out that I don’t want and moved and/or ‘pruned’ the rest.

The mosaic table and chairs that we bought in the sales last autumn and which have been stored in the garage since look rather nice in the sunshine. (There are 4 chairs but only brought 2 out today)




The camlia will be here and after some wavering I decided that

20180418_135906the large pieris has a reprieve for the time being. Put in the huge cyclamen (rhs)  two ferns and a heuchera. Had thought of gravelling that section as the window cleaner has a habit of treading on it  but just going to put in a pebbe; section down the side of the conservatory. The large pot contains a Rodgersia pinnata.  Not the best pot but its a plant that like to be kept quite damp.

The side border looks a little spartan but it now has space for new things. The acer in the centre may yet end up in a large pot. It seems to be one of the weeping varieties, which is wasted in a mixed border. They are far  better displayed in a good pot.



20180418_135759From now on it will be the judicious buying of plants for seasonal colour. With such a small  courtyard garden I can’t afford to bung stuff in as I used to. But on a day like this it is a perfect place for tea and a book!



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