Miss Dilly and Co. Faulty Felines #cats

It occurred to me that my cats are faulty.  Why? Empty boxes. Endless youtube clips and postings from friends find the reaction of their feline darlings to a box of any kind  entertaining  with often hilarious antics.

They dive and swoop, sliding boxes across floors, attempt to squeeze themselves into spaces designed for something half the size, hide within them to pounce on unsuspecting passers-by. But present any of my three faulty felines with a box?


They will scent mark them- because anything brought into the house is quite obviously theirs by divine right.

Betty Poop may chew on them. Or, given the chance, she will pee in them (or worse – how do you think she got her name? Do not be fooled by that serene countenance (left). She has nasty habits.)

But hiding/nesting or otherwise occupying any unattended box is plainly not on their agenda.

Granted they were all acquired  from the Cat Protection League so a level of fractured psyche is to be expected. Is it possible that they equate boxes with incarceration?

Perhaps, but somehow I doubt it. They view shop-bought cat beds with equal disdain. Prefering clean laundry with a particular penchant (given their light colouring) for black; navy blue running a close second.

I think my cats are faulty. They do not so as other cats do. But I would never swap them…

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