A day off

Day off from the kitchen mayhem today.  Went shoppingm and yes we bought food – but also a rather lovely white camelia.  Large specimen that will look gorgeous in our courtyard garden. And from Morrisons in Festival Park of all places!  Just stood it in the blue pot for now to stop it getting blown over whilst  I decide its final spot. Lots of buds on it ready to flower.



Having shopped – and as we have no means of cooking – we decided to have lunch at the Toby, but were a little early so went for a stroll along the canal.  Spring is well under way judging by the bird life.  Some very vocal Canada Geese along the towpath – and one rather wild fight!  They kept this up for a long while – beaks clamped on each other’s necks and much bashing and battering with wings.


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