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New Kitchen : trial run

First thing to be cooked in my new kitchen? Gluten free scones.

The fan assisted oven is far quicker than the old gas oven , which is something I need to get used to, but they scones are a success.




Courtyard Garden : Invasive Plants

Now that spring is (very nearly) here I have started to look at what still needs to come out. I posted recently on the removal of one huge clump of Euphorbia amygdaloides var. robbiae – and the resultant skin irritation, which came from secondary contact with the sap. (I used gloves when dealing with the plant itself.)

Looking at various sites that deal with Schedule Nine invasive plants I was surprised to see several garden regulars on the list.

The ones we are all probably aware of are:

  • Japanese Knotweed – Fallopia japonica
  • Giant Hogweed – Heracleum mantegazzianum
  • Himalayan Balsam – Impatiens glandulifera

I was more surprised to note that also on the list (of which I note that I have three in my garden) were:

  • Montbretia – Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora
  • Variegated Yellow Archangel – Lamiastrum galeobdolon argentatum
  • Giant Rhubarb – Gunnera tincoria and manicata
  • Goldenrod – Solidago canadensis and gigantea
  • Cotoneaster (all species so far as I could see)
  • Spanish Bluebells – Hyacinthoides hispanica
  • Japanese Rose – Rosa rugosa

There are others on the list – but these few did surprise me slightly being seen so often in the average garden. One knows they are garden thugs  but not that they have the plant equivalent of Asbos!

Just so you know…

“Plants Listed as a Schedule 9 species under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. It is an offence to allow these plants to spread onto adjacent land and into the wild. Possible fines and prison sentence under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.”


New Kitchen : end day eight

So our kitchen fitting is almost complete!  After many trials and tribulations we have a kitchen that is very close to functional. Hooray!





Tomorrow the electrician arrives to install lighiting and connect up appliances.

I shall give a complete round up of the project when everything is up and running. It will read a little like a soap – but bear with me 🙂


In other news… B&Q called today (thursday) say they will not be delivering the new bathroom suite  on saturday after all, nor will they be starting the installation on monday/tuesday as promised. At this point I am saying nothing… but watch this space!


New Kitchen : end day seven

Almost there!  Most of the fittings in – after a few minor setbacks – more of that to come when I have collected my thoughts. Lighting and power sockets to come!

New Kitchen : end of day five (or eight – depending on how you view it)

Today was day five of the fitting – but day eight since the old kitchen was ripped out.  (And day 17 (?) since the dining room and conservatory were filled to capacity with boxes. 🙂 )

Kitchen fitters were due at 8am – so we rose early. At 8.30 we had a call to say they had a puncture.  This job seems to be jinxed! Unfortunate, and I know these things happen, but meant they arrived a little late. 




Plenty fitted – and they promised to be back early tomorrow.

Though when I got back from the opticians at 3pm they had already  knocked off for the day – one assumes to get the new tyre.

We shall see how tomorrow goes..




Miss Dilly & co : and the house in chaos

The cats have hated the house in chaos whilst the new kitchen is being installed.

Oberon and Betty Poop have retreated to the back bedroom – often hiding beneath the spared bed.


Miss Dilly wanders freely around the house and does not seem to be affected as much, except that she has taken to hiding in the front room in some as yet undiscovered spot. Three times in the past week she has been inadertently shut in there. You would think she’s learn after the first time…  but no, she prefers to pick her way through the chaos and lurk in unexpected places! She is, after all, Miss Dilly!


Courtyard Garden

As it was a nice bright day I spent a lot of it in the garden.  Repotting plants that I brought with me in plastic pots into ceramic containers. And then playing musical plants – shifting things around before they start putting on too much spring growth.

Two olive trees,  a pot of blue agapanthus and (not shown) a pot of  Bela Lugosi Daylilies.

small olive


also disposed of a large quantity of Euphorbias and Montbretia and  resited a large Anemones in their place.

odd and endsMoved two Hydrangeas from the front garden, a Red valerian that I had in a pot and a  Broom plant that was in the rear to the small border at the side of the house.

And re planted the Acer that was hiding under that Spotted Laurel to the front.acer front



Still to decide what to do with another Acer in the back garden and two Pieris in the front garden.  That is a decision for another day.

I also have a Fig and a Ginko to be repotted. Plus some Azaleas in the garden that would be better off in containers in ericaceous compost.

glassWe have a selection of lumps of glass scattered about – gathered them all togther and not sure what to do with them.

Though I wore gloves when digging them up I seem to have a  slight ‘burn’ from the Euphorbia sap on my left hand.  Must have brushed up against them after I took my gloves off. That being the case the other clump of same plant will meet their doom quite soon!