Circles of Derby Hell #satnavs #derby #dante #msmagneto

Getting home from an event in Derby last night we  left the car park and had, for once, found the right road out of Derby city.

Any non-Derbian who has attempted this will know that it is no mean feat. The road signage and ring road accesses were plainly designed  by a Dante-obsessed planner who has never driven a car. Many is the time we have driven in desperate circles searching for the way out!

When we came against a diversion from the main road we were thrown back into the street-maze with diversion signs that petered out into the hinterlands of Derby,  leaving us wondering where in (Dante’s) hell we were.

Retrieving the Satnav I duly plugged it in – set it to find home – but as I  could not reach the holder on the windscreen without undoing my seatbelt had to hold it in my chilly,  electrically-charged, little mitt.

Despite my holding the device as near to  the windscreen as I could reach it  went into sulk-mode, displaying a petulant and persistent ‘Searching for Signal’ message.

Ms Magneto strikes again!

The moment Peter stopped the car and took the device from me… VOILA! Signal acquired and we escaped the city  intact!

*sigh* I should know better by now.

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