Pea snacks #glutenfree #lowcal

Image result for aldi pea snacksWhen (for allergy reasons) I went wheat free it was not long before I noticed how wheat-heavy all of our food is when it comes to grabbing a snack on the go.

Added to which, so many wheat free foods (and for the purposes of buying snacks that usually means gluten free) are invariably higher in sugar and fat than other snacks – and thus higher calories.

Aldis have these pea snacks, which are 90 cals per pack and also high in protien so well worth looking at. They come in sweet chilli, sour cream and chives, Malay curry and salt and vinegar flavours.

Verdict: If I am honest they do have a slightly odd after taste and like many GF foods have a tendency to stick around your teeth (sorry if that sounds gross but those of us who are stuck with GF will know how often this is the case with ready-made GF foods).

These snacks are not bad despite that.  They are made from peas and not potatoes after all. And  more importantly – not wheat!

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