Memories: True, or False

Interesting blog from Misha on memory and recounting.

Misha Herwin


Cover 1“Shadows on the Grass” is partly a novel about memory. About what is remembered and what is forgotten, what matters, when it is recalled, and what does not.

At the present moment, this is a topic very much to the forefront of the news and, while I do not intend to comment on current events, it is interesting to speculate how many of our memories are what we actually remember and how many are triggered by something else.

One of my most vivid “memories” is of a bright summer day, playing in the meadow on  the hill above our house and being caught by my dad to have a photo taken.

Me aged 2Looking back, I would ask whether I truly remember this, or is it the photograph and the story I was told that sparks this “recollection.” What is even more interesting, is that when I was looking for the…

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